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About Professional Analysis and Consulting

Dr. Roch J. Shipley is the Principal Engineer and President of Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. He performs engineering investigations and failure analyses from a materials engineering perspective, and has extensive experience with issues involving fatigue, fracture, and other materials issues. He co-edited the ASM Handbook, Volume 11, Failure Analysis and Prevention.

Dr. Michael G. Koehler performs investigations and failure analysis from a chemistry and materials science perspective. His experience crosses a broad range of chemicals and materials including polymers and plastics. His application experiences include aerospace materials, indoor air quality, air management systems, transportation fuels, appliances, and environmental chemistry.

Timothy M. Hicks performs investigations, component testing, design review, and failure analysis from a mechanical engineering perspective. He has analyzed mechanical systems for a wide range of equipment and participated in numerous vehicle accident reconstruction investigations. Other non-vehicle projects have involved product liability, intellectual property, and manufacturing.

Johannes (Hannes) C. Laun is an experienced electrical engineer. He investigates electrical matters, and is also a certified fire investigator. Fluent in German, Mr. Laun will be able to assist in translation of technical documentation.

Glen K. Leckie consults on issues with construction failures, design deficiencies, wall cladding attachment failure and mechanical equipment and piping investigations. Mr. Leckie also addresses issues with design and failure of equipment.

Dr. George J. Theus provides exceptional experience performing engineering and forensic investigations involving multiple types of corrosion and assessments of boilers and chemical reactors. Some of his technical expertise includes heat treatment of metals, welding, materials testing, advanced electrochemical techniques, fracture mechanics, and failure analysis.

John A. O’Neill is responsible for consulting in areas of aviation maintenance, operations, safety, and accidents.  He is a licensed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airframe and Power Plant mechanic, with an Inspection Authorization (A&P/IA), and a licensed private pilot.

Dr. Louis J. DeFilippi performs investigations and analyses from a chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology standpoint. He has extensive knowledge of OSHA, EPA and USDA regulations, as well as environmental processes.

Lynda S. Rice manages our project coordination, business/office management, and coordination of the accounting activities for our firm.

Gregory R. Baker provides graphic support in many areas for our projects by creating design solutions that have a high visual impact. He specializes in animations, illustrations, and simulations which provide interactive views to provide the project’s objectives. Mr. Baker also assists with trial exhibits and technical drawings.

Professional Analysis and Consulting is a licensed engineering firm in the States of Illinois and Texas.

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