Intellectual Property and Patents

Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. has decades of experience with various aspects of intellectual property matters, including patents in litigation.  This experience covers a wide variety of technical disciplines and processes, including electronics and electrical engineering, materials and metallurgical engineering, mechanical engineering, product design, and manufacturing systems.  Our intellectual property and patent infringement expert engineers and scientists hold several patents among them and are experienced with the entire patent process. copyright concept

Our broad intellectual property and patent experience includes working with major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), inventors, component and material suppliers, and patent attorneys throughout the U.S.  The intellectual property experts have knowledge and expertise with automotive and commercial vehicles, mechanical, materials, chemical, electrical, consumer products and other areas involving intellectual property litigation.   

The Professional Analysis and Consulting intellectual property experts have been involved with assessing infringement, engineering feasibility studies, validity investigations, and prior art research.  In addition, our intellectual property experts and patent experts have experience with the following areas:

  • Patent DefenseIP TMH Patent (Brochure)
  • Patent Prosecution
  • Patent Due Diligence / Valuation
  • U.S. and International Patents
  • Patent Prior Art research
  • Patent Infringement Analysis
  • Trade Secret Protection
  • Doctrine of Equivalents
  • Copyright
  • Claim Construction (Markman) Hearings
  • Obviousness / Non-Obviousness Comparison
  • Technical Common Knowledge / PHOSITA Standard


Timothy M. Hicks
Roch J. Shipley
Johannes C. Laun
Michael G. Koehler