Aviation Accident Investigation

Professional Analysis and Consulting’s aviation accident investigation expert experience includes both fixed wing and rotary wing, piston and turbine powered aircraft.  Aircraft accident investigations typically involve overall inspection of accident wreckage, detailed laboratory examination of components of concern.  Our aviation experts perform an in-depth review and analysis of the aircraft or engine documentation, including type certificateBeautiful shape of a private jet data, manufacturers’ manuals, assembly and parts diagrams, service instructions, service difficulty reports, airworthiness directives, and similar information.  A typical investigation may consist of site documentation and inspections of the aircraft, engine(s), engine accessories, and propeller(s). Our aviation experts also have experience with investigations that expand beyond the aircraft to include ground accidents and airport terminal safety.

Our aviation expert investigation approach has proven very effective, by combining aviation expertise as needed from materials experts, mechanical experts, and other engineering and scientific disciplines.  Further, our chemistry expert and environmental expert group has the expertise to address aviation issues involving aircraft cabin air and air management systems, fuel and lubricant evaluation, sealants and coatings.

Historical and current aviation accident record review may include:

  • Airframe, engine and propeller logbooksInside view Cockpit G550 with blue sky and clouds
  • Work orders
  • Maintenance cards
  • NTSB Materials
  • Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s)
  • FAA Materials
  • US, Canadian, Australian and other national Aircraft Accident, Incident and Mechanical Difficulty databases
  • Component manufacturer:
    • Overhaul, Service and Operator’s Manuals
    • Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPC’s)
    • Service Bulletins (SB’s)
    • Service Letters (SL’s)
    • Service Information (SI’s)
    • Drawings, Process Specifications, Procedures and Engineering Orders (EO’s)
    • Standard Practices Manuals

Our Chicago area based facility near Naperville, IL, has an on-site laboratory to support most aviation artifacts and evidence testing and analysis investigations, along with the appropriate tools, cameras and microscopes.  This allows for hosting multi-party inspections of artifacts and evidence.  We also offer secure evidence management and artifact storage, with limited access and 24/7 video surveillance.

Our Aviation accident expert services include:

  • Engine performance analysis
  • Aviation accident investigation & reconstruction
  • Aviation accident scene documentation
  • Aerial (Drone / UAS) inspections and laser scanning documentation
  • Aviation accident evidence collection, preservation and management
  • Materials compliance testing & analysisdrone-white-background
  • Aircraft component failure analysis
  • Aircraft cabin environment analysis
  • Aviation fuels analysis
  • Airport ground vehicle accident investigation including baggage handling equipment (tugs, conveyors, etc)
  • Airport Health, Safety and Environmental incident investigations



Roch J. Shipley
John A. O’Neill
Michael G. Koehler
Timothy M. Hicks