Materials/Metallurgical Engineering

When the systems or equipment you rely on break down or stop performing as intended, the results can be expensive and time consuming. Identification of the root cause for these issues becomes important to prevent recurrences, as well as to recover damages.  Our materials engineering experts have extensive experience in failure analysis and materials engineering related investigations.Metallurgical Engineering Expert

Inadequacies in design, fabrication, misuse/abuse, and/or application need to be explored and identified to pinpoint the problem. This is when you call on a materials engineering expert at Professional Analysis and Consulting. The materials engineering expert will examine the evidence to determine if the materials met specifications, and if the manufacturing process was appropriate for the intended design.

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Materials Engineering Investigation Experts

Materials engineering experts play a vital role in evaluations and failure analyses. Whether the issue involves bending, breaking, corrosion/deterioration, excessive wear, or simply not working as intended, our materials engineers and scientists have the knowledge and skill-set to determine the root cause.Undercoating corrosion

Clients looking for materials engineering experts may include insurance companies, investigating liability claims, or attorneys, needing litigation support. Also, manufacturers, facility managers and other consultants utilize our materials engineers and materials experts as an extension of their engineering team, as an independent, outside source to investigate critical issues.

Metallurgical Engineering for Variety of Industries

The Professional Analysis and Consulting materials engineering experts have decades of experience supporting clients throughout a wide range of industries in both the public and private sectors, including: aviation, automotive, commercial vehicles, agriculture, railroad, power generation, petrochemical, construction, consumer products, and manufacturing.

Our materials engineering and metallurgical engineering services include:

  • Materials engineering analysis: metals, polymers, ceramics, composites
  • Component and system failure analysis
  • Fractography, deformation, other materials engineering performance issuesMechanical Engineering Expert
  • Mechanical and specialized testing
  • Corrosion analysis and environmental degradation
  • Structure/property relationship evaluations (metallography)
  • Review of material specifications and properties
  • Manufacturing and fabrication assessment, including: molding and injection molding, forging, casting, stamping, welding, machining, bolting, coating, powder metallurgy
  • Product liability/Personal Injury
  • Intellectual Property as it relates to materials engineering
  • Aerial (Drone / UAS) inspections and laser scanning for accident scene documentation

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