Failure Analysis Experts

Failure Analysis Experts

In the event of a product, structure, mechanism, circuitry, chemical reaction or any other failure on one of your products, or a product that you were using, we can help determine cause and fault if needed. At Professional Analysis and Consulting, we have experienced failure analysis experts who have worked for years in varying industries to help us determine with high-levels of certainty, where problems originate, if accounts are factual, and even how to rectify the problem.

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What Type of Failure Analysis Do We Cover

From mechanical errors that can be identified by a single or combination of parts to end user errors, our failure analysis experts find problems and report all our findings in a scientific, unbiased method. Our failure analysis experts work with both victims and responsible parties to prove where the fault lies and guilt in legal proceedings. We also work with companies and organizations internally to add a fresh set of eyes on a product to see where vulnerabilities are or mis-steps in product development may have occurred.

We also test and do failure analysis on materials for strength or puncture resistance statistics. We can do failure analysis to test appliance performance versus published manufacturer specifications.

When is a Failure Analysis Expert Needed

Most people think that a point of failure is when an accident or incident of failure has already occurred, but that is false. We can test for companies to give them a determination or “second opinion” of when a and how a product can fail. Our failure analysis experts can be used to test theories against applications to meet specified standards by identifying the minimal failure point as well as the maximum capabilities.

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Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. is composed of failure analysis experts for both owners of products and people with claims against products or independent parties. Please contact us to begin discussions on how our Failure Analysis Experts can help by calling 630.466.4040 or fill out the easy to use form along the right and someone will get back to you shortly.