Craig Heathco, P.E.

Senior Engineer - Gas Turbines

Mr. Heathco has over fifty years experience in gas turbine design and development that encompasses; aviation, industrial, marine and advanced military markets. He has successfully taken a broad range of commercial and military programs from initial concept through development and into production. His gas turbine experience extends from 40 horsepower APU’s up to 10 megawatt propulsion systems with a diversity of applications from stationary power generation to supersonic flight. His experience involved analyzing system safety, which included; designing to appropriate airworthiness standards, analysis and development testing to obtain commercial or military certifications, establishing repair/overhaul processes and monitoring fleet safety in the field.  He was frequently involved in accident investigations, engine teardown inspections, failure analysis and reporting. 


Safety systems for the following areas:
    • Airworthiness standards
    • Analysis and test development to obtain commercial or military certifications
    • Establishing repair/overhaul processes
    • Monitoring fleet safety in the field
  • Gas turbine engine design, development, and performance
  • Aviation accident investigations
  • Engine teardown inspections
  • Failure analysis and reporting
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Advanced military
  • Experience ranges from 40 HP APU to 10 MW propulsion systems
  • Stationary power generation
  • Supersonic flight applications


  • BSME, General Motors Institute (Kettering University), Flint Michigan 1976

Professional Affiliations

  • Professional Engineer, State of Indiana: License PE11100313
  • American Helicopter Society
  • NASA Transformative Vertical Flight working group partner


  Report and Presentations
  • Installation Requirements for Small Gas Turbine Engines
  • Tilt Rotor Requirements on Engine Design and Qualification
  • CR601-K9 Gas Turbine Development
  • Advanced Technology for Turboshaft Engines
  • Rolls-Royce World Engine Program
  • Gas Turbine Optimization for UAS using Heat Recovery and Power Transfer
  • Recuperator for Model 250 Engine
  • Optimizing Turbogenerators for Hybrid-Electric Applications
  • 4,860,534 -   Inlet Particle Separator with Anti-Icing Means
  • 8,186,168 -   Thrust Balance of Rotor Using Fuel
  • 9,109,539 -   Turbine Based Combined Cycle Engine
  • 9,261,019 -   Variable Cycle Gas Turbine Engine
  • 9,617,868 -   Gas Turbine Engine Variable Geometry Flow Component
  • 9,915,201 -   Aircraft Power System
  • 9,915,202 -   Gas Turbine Engine Heat Exchanger System
  • 9,982,676 -   Split Axial Centrifugal Compressor, Variable Ratio
  • 10,329,943 - Split Axial Centrifugal Compressor
  Applications in Process
  • 20110154805 - Power Augmentation System for an Engine Powered Air Vehicle