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Firearm and Safety Devices

Professional Analysis and Consulting’s failure analysis training and experience includes firearms and their associated safety devices. Our firearm engineering and technical capabilities provide scientific data to assist with firearm accident investigations, firearm and firearm safety device product improvements, and firearm and safety device design analysis.

We are a federally licensed Class 01 Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer with the ability to purchase, receive, and ship firearms and ammunition. Our firearm experts associated with the analysis and testing of firearms have Illinois issued Firearm Owner’s Identification cards (FOID), along with several holding Concealed Carry permits.

Professional Analysis and Consulting is one of only a few facilities in the country licensed by the State of California, Department of Justice (DOJ), to provide independent laboratory testing and certification of all handguns and firearm safety devices that are sold in that state.  Our laboratory capabilities allow our firearm experts to perform all required tests and evaluations.

Subject and exemplar firearm testing of handguns (semi-automatic and revolver), shotguns, rifles and all related safety devices can be conducted.  Investigations typically include a complete review of the firearm operation, owners’ manuals / literature, standard safety practices, labels and warnings, and project specific considerations.  Firearm components, including, but not limited to, bullets and cartridges can be examined and documented with our precision optical microscopes for study, measurement, and comparison of firing pin indentations and other characteristics.


  • Firearm related accident investigation and reconstruction
  • California State Department of Justice (DOJ) firearm and safety device testing and certification
  • Material (both metals and composite) failure analysis
  • Mechanical failure analysis of firearms and safety devices
  • Mechanical design review and testing of firearms and safety devices
  • Firearm safety and operational studies
  • Ammunition performance evaluations
  • Operation manual, label and warning review for firearms and safety devices
  • Firearm storage, firearm lock testing, and firearm safe testing


John W. Kidd
Timothy M. Hicks
Michael G. Koehler
Roch J. Shipley