Metallurgical Engineering Expert Witness

Metallurgical Engineering Expert Witness

Failing equipment can not only be expensive, but it can be dangerous as well. When you have your equipment or its materials fail, it is imperative to get to the bottom of the issue to prevent recurrences, as well as to recoup damages. Here at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., our metallurgical engineering expert witness has extensive experience in failure analysis in regards to material and metallurgical engineering related investigations.

Our metallurgical engineering expert witnesses have decades of experience supporting clients in a wide range of industries, both in the public and private sectors. Many of these industries include:

  • Aviation
  • AutomotiveElectrical Engineering Expert Witness
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • Railroad
  • Power generation
  • Petrochemical
  • Construction
  • Consumer products
  • Manufacturing

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Thorough Metallurgical Engineering Expert Witness

When there is a material or metallurgical failure, there needs to be an examination to determine the cause. There are numerous instigators that can be the cause of the failure such as inadequacies in design, fabrication, misuse and abuse, and/or the application. Our metallurgical engineering expert witness will examine the evidence to determine if the materials were up to specifications, and if the manufacturing process was the right one for the intended purpose or design.

Metallurgical engineering expert witnesses play a crucial part in failure analyses. Whether the failure arises due to issues from bending, breaking, excessive wear, or not working as intended, our metallurgical engineering experts have the skill-set to identify the root cause of failure. We have served numerous industries including insurance companies and attorneys.Equipment Failure Expert

Knowledgeable Metallurgical Engineering Expert Witness

With decades of experience investigating material and metallurgical failures, our metallurgical engineering experts have the knowledge and the skill-set to identify the root of the failure. They have experience in a multitude of industries in need of expert analysis.

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