Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering

Forensic EngineeringThe experts at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., use their decades of collective experience investigating matters for a variety of industries and scenarios. Our team consists of experienced individuals that excel in their particular fields and they combine their expertise for accidents and investigations regarding forensic engineering issues to provide the most thorough and comprehensive reports possible.

Individuals and organizations rely on our expertise when their systems fail or top performing as intended. Our team works diligently using advanced tools and their experience to identify the root cause of the problem or failure to provide information to prevent a future occurrence, as well as recover damages.

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Expert Forensic Engineering

When a design shows inadequacies or fabrication, or there are signs of misuse and abuse the problem needs to be explored to identify the root cause. This is where the expert forensic engineers from Professional Analysis and Consulting come in. Our team of materials and forensic engineering experts will examine all of the evidence to determine it the materials were up to spec and if the material or manufacturing process was appropriately used for its intended design.

Our experts play a vital role in evaluations and failure analyses. If the issue involves bending, breaking, corrosion, excessive wear, or simply not working as intended, our forensic engineers have the experience and skill set to determine the point of failure.

Forensic Engineering Expert Witness

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