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Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. has decades of experience with various aspects of patent infringement litigation matters, including the implementation of patent infringement offering qualified expertise in a range of fields.  Our extensive experience covers a wide variety of disciplines and processes, including electronics and electrical engineering, materials and materials engineering, mechanical engineering, product design, and manufacturing systems. Our experts are trained in many different fields that can help you and your business in so many ways. Patent infringement is just one of those areas, but Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to helping businesses with all of their needs.

What You Should Know About Patent Infringement

Our patent expert witness involved with assessing territorial patent infringement cases have extensive experience with patent defense, patent prosecution, patent due diligence and valuation, international patents, patent infringement analysis, trade secret protection, doctrine of equivalents, obviousness and non-obviousness comparison and technical common knowledge, among many others. Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. takes pride in meeting the needs of our clients, including rapid response availability, as well as being aware of, and working within, budgetary limitations for patent infringement cases. If you need a trusted company to help you in any way on your patent infringement, contact Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. at 630-466-4040 and let our experts help you today!

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The knowledgeable and professional legal experts at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. can make the difference in the success of your patent infringement litigation, while utilizing the invaluable resources of qualified and educated expert witnesses to present your case. Call 630-466-4040 to speak to a member of our expert team or email us at to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience to find out more about patent infringement and how we can help you and your business today.