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Aviation Accident Expert Witness

Aviation Accident Expert WitnessProfessional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., employs a staff of engineering experts to provide technical support for a wide range of expert engineering services, including aviation accident investigations.

We take pride in meeting the needs of our clients, including rapid response availability, as well as being aware of, and working within, budgetary limitations.

Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., can provide an aviation accident expert witness for accidents involving any type of aircraft. From examining components to investigating if an aircraft is air-worthy, our trained and experienced professionals can help accurately investigate and document any and all issues regarding an aviation-based incident.

Our engineers can serve as an aviation accident expert witness in any aviation accident case. Call 630-466-4040 today to see how we may be of service to your investigation, or simply fill out the contact form to the right and representative will respond shortly.

Aviation Accident Experts for Your Investigation

Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. services for aviation-based accidents involve a thorough inspection of the accident site, the aircraft itself, and the documentation for the aircraft in question. We also can perform investigations beyond the aircraft itself to include incidents resulting from the ground and airport terminals.

We will perform a thorough investigation of all documents relating to the aircraft, inspect the aircraft itself and its parts, such as the engine and propellers. We have also investigate ground and baggage handling equipment accidents and failures.

Have Us Provide Your Aviation Accident Expert

Aircraft of all kinds are complex pieces of machinery that could have catastrophic results if not properly inspected. The methodology used by Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., for investigating aircraft accidents is highly effective. Combined with the scientific method that we utilize for all accidents, our experts can investigate even the most difficult of cases.

Our experts at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., can serve an aviation accident expert witness. Call 630-466-4040 now and schedule an appointment to speak to one of our engineering experts, or simply fill out the contact form to the right and we will respond shortly.