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When hiring a plastics expert witness in Illinois, the Professional Analysis and Consulting team has a lot of experience. We can help you in any situation where you might need an expert witness in plastics. From analyzing a product’s failure threshold to looking into intellectual property disputes, the team at Professional Analysis and Consulting is quick to respond and does research quickly.

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Expert Witness Solutions That Cover Everything

At Professional Analysis and Consulting, we have years of experience and a lot of knowledge about how plastics and polymeric materials work, how they are made, and what they can be used for. Our staff knows how to do both mechanical and environmental evaluations to make sure that the material you choose is the best one for the job.

Professional Analysis and Consulting’s plastics expert witness in Illinois works hard to provide thorough investigations for any application you may have. Our team can look into processes, ratios of ingredients, and combinations that are protected by patents or intellectual property. We have a lot of experience with intellectual property laws, and we can show what a plastic or polymer is made of and who owns it.

Affordable Services for Research and Investigation

Professional Analysis and Consulting works hard to make sure that all of our services, including our plastics expert witness in Illinois services, are priced affordably. Our team is happy to work with your budget to give your case the knowledge and insight it needs.

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