Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Expert

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Expert Chemistry Expert Witness in Cook County

Determining how and why an accident happens begins with the minor clues left behind. Vehicle accident reconstruction is how our mechanical engineering experts evaluate physical and factual information and mathematics and physics to discover how and why an accident happened. Automobile, vehicle, and bus manufacturers, distributors, rail carriers, transportation systems, fleet owners, and insurers collaborate with vehicle reconstruction experts from Professional Analysis and Consulting to analyze and recreate vehicle accidents and collisions.

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Six Truths from Collision to Vehicle Accident Reconstruction 

Accident reconstructionist, in effect, reverse the process, documenting and studying evidence at the site to come to conclusions about the severity of the crash and how it occurred. Reconstruction may show six truths from several elements that contributed to the accident, such as:

  1. Speed
  2. Errors in lane changes
  3. Lose control due to mechanical failure
  4. Road Conditions
  5. Visibility
  6. Failure of street lights

Our experts check for the typical instance but are aware of changes in many other possibilities.

Data Shows Signs of Vehicle Accidents 

Our accident reconstruction specialists can tell the tale of what happened based on all of this evidence, including any probable laws broken or regulatory violations, such as Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and obtaining camera/data information. Vehicle safety systems and technology are continuously improving and evolving. Our team of vehicle accident reconstruction experts stays up to date on the latest technologies, such as lane changes, obstacle detection, and other active safety systems, to better evaluate incidents.

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