Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction ExpertsAt Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., our vehicle accident reconstruction experts utilize state of the art technology and their years of experience to conduct investigations into vehicular accidents. Vehicle accident reconstruction is the process our mechanical engineering experts use to review physical and factual data and evidence, with physics and momentum analyses to determine how an accident occurred and why.

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Experienced Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts

When it comes to investigating and reconstructing a vehicle accident, our vehicle accident reconstruction experts consider every factor that could contribute to an accident. Our experienced engineers determine the speed of the vehicle at impact, the direction of the vehicles Accident Scene Documentationinvolved, airbag control module download data (CDR or ‘black box”), the time and distance relationships between the vehicles before the incident occurred, and the impact severity to occupants and/or pedestrians. This helps establish the framework for analyzing vehicle accidents and provides support for the reconstruction process and investigation.  We take into consideration the human factors involved, the environment, and the equipment involved.

Our vehicle accident reconstruction experts are dedicated to improving and refining their investigation approach in order to provide the best investigative and analytical services available. They take advantage of the continually evolving technologies implemented in vehicles, in addition to the scientific method, to help provide comprehensive reports based on physics and momentum analyses.  They work with various techniques such as data collection, interpretation, and analysis to determine the cause of failure.  These techniques now include the ability to efficiently collect aerial photographs and video with our drone, then utilizing photogrammetry software to prepare our analysis, and ultimately trial exhibits.

Professional Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts

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