Vehicle Accident Investigation Experts

Vehicle Accident Investigation Experts

Accident Reconstruction ExpertsIn the event that an accident occurs, Professional Analysis and Consulting is equipped with the data collecting experience and tools to investigate the cause, any fault, any equipment failure, and present findings in an expert testimony report.

We use a range of mechanical engineers to review physical and fact based evidence with mathematics and physics to determine if the account and the actual event match.

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Our vehicle accident investigation experts will test for damage consistent with the crash, perform simulations or reconstructions, review vehicle data collected from CDR/EDM downloads, even perform product failure analysis to determine if it was equipment failure or user error.

The vehicle accident investigation experts will also investigate the scene of the accident for road signs, road conditions, precipitation, signs of previous vehicle operating flaws not caused by the accident, and more. We look at what or whom could have caused the accident and we report our findings.

Vehicle Accident Investigation Used in Court

Yes, for our vehicle accident investigation experts, the findings can get faulty equipment off the road, but in the event that a law was broken by a speeding person, we also help get bad drivers off the road. Our vehicle accident investigation expert testimonies are used in court proceedings, even trials. We record everything and our vehicle accident investigation experts have the capability to laser scan and survey a scene and present visual simulations as evidence.

Hire Vehicle Accident Investigation Experts

If an accident occurs, as unfortunate as it may be, you have to follow procedures. If a vehicle accident investigation expert witness can see the accidents final results in person and record data, photographs, scans, and reports ourselves, the data is that much stronger.

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