Failure Analysis Expert DuPage County

Failure Analysis Expert DuPage County

Failure Analysis Expert DuPage CountyA failure analysis expert from Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. can review and analyze data to determine the cause of failure. Our experts can save money, lives, and resources if acted upon early. After, a fire has occurred an analysis is completed to confirm and relies on collecting data of the failed components in various ways of methods. These methods can even determine the cause without destroying the already damaged product or item even further. Our staff of mechanical engineers, materials engineer, and electrical engineers have the complete knowledge to determine the cause with precise expert opinion on the cause.

Where is the Failure?

Our failure analysis experts are usually required to work with other specified engineers in order to communicate the current analysis at hand. When a failure has occurred taking the correct action is applied to fixing the problem and alleviate any further failures in the future. Which leads to movement on conducting a failure analysis with several steps such as determining when, where and how the failure occurred. Collecting samples of any sort to support the material evidence. Our team can dive further by taking photos on-site to later be evaluated. At times, we take items and conduct chemical analysis to regulate the investigation.

Deep Failure Analysis

Here at Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. our team of experts is determined to find the primary cause leading up to the failure, here is where the solution is completed. Failure in operation is defined as change in material property outside of its original design and structure. Prime example of failure is an intended part no longer operating in the capacity of true intended purpose. Failure can be defined into three areas preventable, unavoidable, and intelligent failures each containing its own accurate measures to be specified as such. Our failure analysis expert witnesses are here to help and determine the cause of failure, please give us a call at 630-466-4040 or fill out our “Request Service” form and a staff member will reach out to you.