Toxic Tort in Illinois

Toxic Tort in Illinois

Toxic Tort in IllinoisThe pure idea of exposure to any toxic waste can alone be jaw-dropping. The perception of any company willing to release such matter into our atmosphere can legitimately cause health issues and/or death. Exposure of any substance readily distributed without the knowledge to a person is purely an example of toxic tort. The team at Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. can investigate any company that knowingly distributes a toxic substance. If you’re looking for the assistance of a toxic tort specialist, please call 630-466-4040. Alternatively, you can click on “Request Service” above for more information. 

Toxic Tort Areas of Exposure

When it comes to toxic tort, there are multiple possible locations of exposure including environmental, residential/commercial buildings, pharmaceutical, and more. Materials that can be investigated can include asbestos, benzene, toxic substances in paint, cleaning compounds, and even diesel exhaust. Throughout the years, laws have set standards when it comes to pollutants and exposure to toxic substances. The representation of an expert witness can assist should your situation go to litigation. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to examine your case and put together a detailed report of findings.

Help You Need

Professional Analysis and Consulting is your trusted resource when it comes to situations involving toxic tort. The investigation, evaluation, and action are necessary to state the case in court with expertise in specific areas. Contact with a product of any sort will be in question to support any theory of exposure. Illinois in the near past has overturned or reversed these types of cases. Any personal or sustained injury may be enough reason for a lawsuit against the said person or business. The services at Professional Analysis and Consulting are nothing short of excellent and professional.

For more detailed information, please call 630-466-4040 or help with a specialist click on “Request Service” above.

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