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Patent Expert Chemistry Expert Witness in Cook County

Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc.’s decades of experience and taking the expert approach to any patent expert case comprises practical industry encounters. In patent infringement cases, experts play a significant role. Patent experts aid in investigating the facts and concerns surrounding each issue, such as filing applications and oppositions to granted patents. Our team assists the judge and jury in comprehending complex technical and economic matters and devise a case strategy.

Patent experts, also known as patent agents, may prepare, file, and prosecute applications. Complete an online request form on this screen to contact one of our expert staff. Contact us now, call Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. at 630-466-4040, and someone will be ready to respond to get started.

Patent Expert Expectancy

It can be tough to obtain a patent. Working with significant Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), innovators, component and content quality, and patent attorneys across the United States is part of our comprehensive intellectual property and patent experience. A patent expert witness can also help you present your pending legal case in court by precisely and intelligently presenting your case. Our patent lawyers can investigate the state of the invention and patent. Patent law is a highly technical field. Even if an idea is simple, drafting your own patent is dangerous.

Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. will conduct the proper validity investigations to deliver a good patent. Our involvement sets the standard to execute your decisions on moving forward.

Leave the Patent to the Experts 

Our team of experts is withholding several levels of patent experience, and this effort ensures your idea will be clear of any infringements later down the road. Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. are prepared to evaluate the data required to be your expert. Call Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. at 630-466-4040 right now, and someone will be prepared to support you.