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Laser Scene Documentation by Electrical Engineer Expert Witness in Dupage County
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Professional Analysis and Consulting can help in many ways when you need help and information during an investigation. Analysis and consulting laser scene documentation services in Dupage County can be helpful in many situations. With documentation, you can get a laser scan of the scene to find out what’s going on. So that your location can be recorded as soon as possible, our team works quickly and is always ready to help.

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From Above Laser Scene Documentation

Professional Analysis and Consulting is a licensed private investigation company that gathers, documents, and stores evidence for legal cases. Our professional team uses a drone/Unmanned Aircraft (UAS) with laser scanning technology to quickly collect data and record scenes. We are certified by the FAA and fully insured to fly small UAS from far away. With this certification, we can use our drones to collect evidence that can be used in technical reports, depositions, and in court.

Accident Reviews Need an Expert Witness in Aviation

With our technology, we can collect data quickly, cheaply, and with a level of accuracy that can’t be beat. Drone video and 3D laser scene documentation can be used to measure anything in Dupage County, from building sites to buildings that are already there. They can also be used to keep records of accidents.

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