Failure Analysis Expert Illinois

Failure Analysis Expert in Illinois

Failure Analysis Expert IllinoisProfessional Analysis and Consulting Inc. provides the services of failure analysis experts in Illinois to collect data to determine the cause of an incident in question. There are several types of failure analysis experts in Illinois. The most commonly performed failure analysis expert Illinois is design engineers to examine failures in materials, components, or product assembly to diagnose the cause.

Our failure analysis experts cover a wide range of industries, each with over 20 years of experience. Please send us an email today at for more information, and we will respond shortly.

Detailed Analysis & Reporting

Failure Analysis experts spend a significant amount of time providing detailed research and analysis of any component malfunction. As facts are found, failure analysis experts in Illinois, if needed, can act as expert witnesses should your situation go to a deposition or trial.

Inadequate designs are commonly found to be the cause of component failures. Failure Analysis experts in Illinois have studied specific industries to handle all failure types. Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. offers the trusted resources you need when it comes to equipment failure cases.

10 Steps to Conduct a Failure Analysis

The failure analysis expert at Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. works much like a detective when it comes to investigating your situation. Here are ten steps on how your failure analysis may conduct an investigation:

  1. Determine the date, time, and how a failure occurred.
  2. Collect samples
  3. Take on-site photos
  4. Visually examine a sample
  5. Identify defects with non-destruction
  6. Conduct any chemical analysis
  7. Confirm materials and identify contaminants
  8. Analyze Fractography: the study of fractured surfaces of materials
  9. Analyze Metallography: the study of physical structure and metals
  10. Conduct testing of mechanics and material

A Failure analysis expert will record every minor detail in order to gather pertinent information regarding your investigation. Call Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. today at 630-466-4040, and someone will be ready to respond to get started.