Firearm Testing

Firearm Testing and Core Correspondence

Firearms Testing

Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. in Illinois does significant work in firearm testing. We can try semiautomatic and revolver handguns, shotguns, rifles, and all safety devices that go with them. With our thorough firearm testing services, you can be sure to get the answers you need about the weapons that may be in question.

To learn more about how our firearm testing services can help you, please don’t hesitate to call 630-466-4040 and talk to one of our experienced staff in Illinois. Or, you can fill out the form on this page, and we’ll get back to you soon.

Firearms Inspections and Materials

During investigations, we usually review how the gun handles, the owner’s manual and other written materials, standard safety practices, labels and warnings, and any project specific factors. With the help of our precise equipment, we can also look at gun parts, bullets, and cartridges and keep records of what we find. Like our optical microscopes, which help us study, measure, and compare firing pin indentations and other features.

Also, the experts on our staff who complete firearm testing have been given Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) cards. This means we have all the tools we need to test firearms and know how to do so most safely and responsibly. In our process, we look at the operations owner’s manual and other written materials, as well as standard safety practices and project specific factors.

Affordable Testing and Results

We know that our clients have a budget, so we work in the most time- and money efficient way to meet your needs and make the most of your money. If you are in Illinois and are interested in our firearm testing or any of our other services, please call us at 630-466-4040 and talk to one of our experts. If you instead send us a message, our simple form is here for you so we can deliver the correct answers.

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