Failure Analysis Expert in Chicago Suburbs

Failure Analysis Expert in Chicago Suburbs

Failure Analysis Expert in Chicago Suburbs

In the unfortunate event that something fails regarding a structure or a piece of machinery, a vehicle, an aircraft, a locomotive. Answers need to be found to stop it from ever happening again, if possible. Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. offers professional failure analysis expert determination services to provide the answers. We take every piece of evidence available along with our decades of knowledge and experience to find a definitive cause for a failure. We can determine fault if necessary, and establish who or what is liable for the failure.

Taking the scientific approach leaves no bias or favoritism in a failure investigation. The answers come based only on facts, science, and result. The human emotional or financial invested interest is removed leaving only the results of the investigation that are irrefutable.

To get started on a failure analysis with Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. call us today at 630.466.4040. Otherwise, please fill out the simple form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information.

Professional Failure Analysis for Any Industry

For most failure analysis expert testimonies, we can have a category of failure. Mechanical, structural, user error, outside influence, neglectful maintenance, or inexperience are a few common conclusions to a failure analysis. Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc.’s job is to determine what was the cause of the failure and ultimately, who is responsible. In a court setting, we give expert failure analysis expert witness testimony with evidence, renderings, charts, verbal or written reports, and more to prove what happened and most importantly why.

Get A Failure Analysis Investigation Now

To initiate Professional Analysis and Consulting Inc. on a failure analysis investigation, call us immediately at 630.466.4040 and get us on-site as soon as humanly possible to preserve every piece of data and evidence possible. If you have already had the incident and want a failure analysis after-the-fact, fill out our form and we can get you started and connect you with an expert who can help.