Biochemistry Expert Witness

Biochemistry Expert WitnessChemistry Expert Witness in Cook County

Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. biochemistry expert witness acquire information based on the study of chemical processes related to living organisms. The approach is taken to a lab to gather data on a microscopic level. Understanding the chemical bases is the focus and communication within the living cell. Interactions and bonding functions support the science needed for any biochemistry expert.

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Report from Biochemistry Expert Witness

The right biochemistry expert witness from Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. can support a winning case. Many categories such as pharmaceuticals, clinical, and hormones contain reports with relative issues for the court proceedings. These findings from our biochemistry expert can be quantitative and qualitative factors. Three significant areas covered by a expert witness begin with medicine, nutrition, and agriculture, each containing scientific details.
Many organisms share element needs, and just six elements make up almost 99% of the mass of any living cell.

Four Main Classes Biochemistry Experts Look For 

Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc use four main classes of molecules in biochemistry: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Though much of the expert witness deals with the structure, function, bonding, and interactions, all of this information gives expert witness reasoning for proper use. Research, adequate control, and development need extensive measurements to produce a more than reliable biochemistry expert witness.

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