Electrical Engineering Expert Witness

Electrical Engineering Expert Witness

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By working with the team at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., you can give your legal case an edge with an electrical engineering expert witness. We have a great group of engineers who can find the best experts in electrical engineering in Illinois. If someone gets hurt because of broken equipment or an electrical problem, it will be hard to figure out what happened, but our experts will be able to tell you what happened.

Contact our Illinois office at 630-466-4040 to speak with a competent staff member about retaining our electrical engineering expert witness. The brief form on this page can also be used to connect with us.

Finding Material in Electrical Engineering Expert  

Our expert witnesses, who are electrical engineers, often work with our in house expert and materials engineers to evaluate and test the materials that make up electronic equipment. We can help you figure out why a material or product did not work, which material might work best for a specific product, and whether or not a material is safe to use. Most of the time, we use our knowledge and experience to help people who need an electrocution expert witness in electric shock cases. We stand behind our experts with confidence in retrieving all that will be required to win any court case.

Truth Behind Shocking Discovery 

We have a staff with years of knowledge and can pinpoint the source of any electrical problem, whether a little glitch in a toaster or a significant component of a city’s power grid. Let us add an expert witness in electrical engineering from Illinois to your team. Our professionals are eager to work together to find a solid answer to whatever problem may have come up. Call Professional Analysis and Consulting now at 630-466-4040 to learn more about the expert witness solutions we can offer for your situation. By placing questions in the contact form on this page, visitors may chat with one of our helpful specialists.

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