Electrical Engineering Expert Witness Chicago

Electrical Engineering Expert Witness

Electrical Engineering Expert WitnessProfessional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., employs a staff of engineering experts to provide technical support for a wide range of expert engineering services, including electrical engineering investigations.

If you are in need of an electrical engineering expert witness, Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., has your solutions.

Our electrical engineering experts provide root cause investigations into incidents involving electrical injuries, equipment failures, product development, or any event of an electrical nature, from small household appliances to large components of electrical distributions systems.

Have the engineers at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., serve as your electrical engineering expert witness. Call 630-466-4040 today to see how we may be of service to your investigation, or simply fill out the contact form to the right and representative will respond shortly.

Electrical Engineering Expert Investigations

Often working in conjunction with in-house metallurgical and materials engineers, our electrical engineers evaluate and test the materials that comprise electronic equipment. You can rely on us to determine why a certain material or product failed, which material is best suited for a particular product, and if a material is safe to use.

Our expertise is applied to cases involving electric shock and electrocution expert witness, safety analysis, lightning strikes, fires, accident reconstruction, equipment failures, and loss evaluation.

The electrical engineering projects and services offered at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., include:

  • Electrical shock expert witness
  • Electrocution shock expert witness
  • Electrical arc flash/electrical explosions
  • Electrical fires
  • Electric motors and generators
  • Batteries and energy storage
  • Electrical switchgear
  • Electrical power distribution equipment and transformers
  • Breakers, fuses, and circuit protection systems
  • Vehicle systems
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Stray voltage
  • Regulatory codes and compliance
  • Lightning strikes
  • Materials evaluation
  • Electrical testing analysis
  • Alternative Energy / Renewable Energy
  • Antennas and communications systems
  • Patents and Intellectual Property
  • Electrical component and semiconductor engineering analysis

Winning Electrical Engineering Strategies

We provide a broad, multi-disciplinary approach to solving engineering issues using the scientific method and work with other professional analysis engineers and technicians to provide solid results and answers to your electrical engineering issues.

An electrical engineering expert witnesses from Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., will help craft a winning case strategy for your investigation requiring an electrical engineering expert witness.

Call 630-466-4040 now and schedule an appointment to speak to one of our engineering experts, or simply fill out the contact form to the right and we will respond shortly.