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Chemistry Expert Witness

Chemistry Expert WitnessAs we all know, incidents involving chemistry are often times complex and hard to understand. In many cases, you need the analysis and investigation services of a chemistry expert witness to provide knowledgeable inspections and analysis into an issue. Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. has a trained team of industry professionals who are trained and capable of servicing you as a chemistry expert witness.

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Trained Chemistry Expert Witness

The chemistry expert witness services are capable of providing expert analysis into your complex chemistry problem. We have an understanding of vital OSHA, EPA and USDA standards and regulations to draw complete, certifiable conclusions. Our extensive experience in a wide range of areas including the manufacturing process, research and development, quality control and regulatory compliance. Our chemistry expert witness services can provide in-depth analysis into complex problems related to chemical products and the safety concerns regarding them. We can also resolve technical issues associated with litigation, accident investigations and chemical testing.

Applications of a Chemistry Expert Witness

There are a wide variety of applications for a chemistry expert witness. The chemistry expert witness services at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. are capable of providing your case with the level of knowledge and understanding needed to take on such a complex issue. The chemistry expert witness services offered by the industry experts at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. cover a wide range of applications including:

  • Chemical flammability and safety
  • Corrosives and corrosion
  • Environmental science and remediation
  • Food safety
  • Water contamination and treatment
  • Fuels and petrochemicals analysis
  • Biochemicals and bioprocesses
  • Coatings failure and surface analysis
  • Chemical release investigations
  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Regulatory compliance (SHA, EPA, USDA, Homeland Security)
  • Materials failure analysis
  • Patent / intellectual property support

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