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Chemistry Expert Chemistry Expert Witness in Cook County

Chemistry expert witness from Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. gathers data from studying chemical processes in living organisms. The methods are implemented in a lab for microscopic data collection. The attention and interaction within the live cell understand the chemical basis. Interactions and bonding functions support the science required of our chemistry expert witnesses.

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The Facts of a Chemistry Expert 

Our chemistry and chemical professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of patents, trade secrets, and intellectual property. Our chemistry and chemicals team delivers expert views on claim structure, prior art, process capability, product design, and product/process uniqueness, whether the problem is a patent violation, patent validity, or product counterfeiting. Our specialists recognize the relevance of science concerns, and with years of expertise, they know how to communicate their results effectively.

Medicine, nourishment, and agriculture are three significant subjects addressed by a chemistry expert, each having precise specifics. Many species have similar element requirements, and only six elements account for over 99 percent of the mass of each live cell.

Science Tells Truth of a Chemistry Expert 

Many often than not, our knowledge encompasses a wide variety of scientific and engineering services. Combining two areas connect for a well thought out and balanced result. Our specialists recognize the relevance of scientific concerns, and with years of expertise, we explain these discoveries straightforwardly.

Extensive measurements are required for research, proper control, and development to provide a more than credible chemistry expert. If you would like to learn more by Professional Analysis and Consulting, call us today at 630-466-4040 or fill out the online request form conveniently found on this page.