Aerosol Can Testing

Aerosol Can Testing

Aerosol Can TestingProfessional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. has an experienced and professional staff of specialists in a variety of fields that utilize their skills to investigate complex cases such as aerosol can testing, crash data retrieval, evidence management & storage, electrical engineering, and more.

When you are in need of a comprehensive investigation, you want the very best representation available. The specialists at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. provide valuable investigative reports involving aerosol cans such as recalls, warnings and other safety issues while conducting aerosol can testing.

Aerosol cans and dispensers are used for a multitude of applications such as lubricants, cosmetics, medications, fragrances, cleaners, cooking oils, and more. With so many uses, incidents involving aerosol cans are likely to occur. These incidents can result in serious injuries or property damage.

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Expert Aerosol Can Testing

When our experts conduct tests on aerosol cans and dispensers, they include a variety of factors in their investigation. These factors include environmental studies on the aerosol dispenser system to better understand the effects of temperature on the cans as well as corrosives. Tests involving temperature evaluates the potential for an aerosol can or dispenser to burst if being left in a hot environment such as a vehicle.

When aerosol cans and dispensers are used in products, consideration is taken by the manufacturer in regards to the design, the product formulation, how it is transported, how it should be stored, and what is the end-user interaction and purpose of the aerosol product.

Our specialists also use the Department of Transportation (DOT) pressure/temperature tests, and drop and impact tests in instances where it is believed an incident involving aerosol cans is the result of misuse and/or abuse. There are other factors that can lead to aerosol can failure and our investigators examine and analyze the mechanical design of the aerosol can or dispenser, materials of construction, product formulation, and potential failure mechanisms.

Our experience and services regarding aerosol can testing include:

  • Pressure and temperature analysis
  • Flammability testing
  • Product misuse and abuse analysis
  • Impact failure
  • Materials analysis
  • Fracture and impact mark analysis
  • Projectile analysis

Our capabilities for aerosol can testing include the following:

  • Metals and materials analysis
  • Product formulation analysis
  • Pressure burst test
  • Dispenser drop and impact testing
  • Hot water soak test
  • Pressure and temperature testing
  • Enclosed space combustion testing

Aerosol Can Testing with Professional Analysis

When you need specialists to help determine the cause of an incident pertaining to aerosol cans and dispensers, trust the experts at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. Thorough reports through in-depth investigation can be valuable and are based on professionals who utilize advance procedures and premium quality equipment.

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