Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness

Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness

Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. provides expert knowledge and services for accident reconstruction. Our professionals provide diverse and personalized solutions to your needs, ranging from technical support and engineering reports, to investigation and analysis. We can also can serve as expert witnesses for your unique cases. We pride ourselves on meeting out client’s needs, and providing quick and accurate solutions for any client. If you are in need of our accident reconstruction experts, give our experts a call at 630-466-4040, or you may use the contact form along the right. We will serve you right away, and provide you a solution for your accident reconstruction needs.

What kind of accidents does our Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness services cover?

Our professional reconstruction experts are capable of recreating any accident scene with our state-of-the-art accident reconstruction technology, including laser and (UAS) drone scene documentation and are certified for crash data retrieval (black box downloads).  We are certified, insured, and licensed to operate our drone system. We have a professional for each discipline that Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. specializes in. Some of the disciplines our professionals specialize in are:Accident Scene Documentation

  • Vehicular accidents
  • Agricultural accidents
  • Aviation accidents
  • Chemicals and chemistry accidents
  • Electrical engineering accidents
  • Fire accidents
  • Materials/metallurgical engineering accidents
  • Mechanical engineering accidents
  • Plastics and polymeric materials accidents

After our professionals discern the nature of your accident, and sort out all of the details, we can act as an accident reconstruction expert witness for your unique case.

What are the process and tools that Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. utilizes for Accident Reconstruction?

Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. utilizes thorough and accurate techniques for accident reconstruction and investigation. For example, we use product failure analysis to determine if the accident in question was one that resulted from mechanical error, or if the accident occurred due to human error.  We utilize UAS (drone) in conjunction with photogrammetry, laser scanning and total station techniques to document the scene. We then create 3D models and simulations to recreate the scene of the accident without disturbing the accident scene, and for use in our reports and court exhibits. We are certified to provide crash data retrieval (download of black box) information from air bag deployment accidents. We also use a series of thorough assessments and evaluations to determine any other variables that will help accurately recreate the scene of the accident. Once we have gathered enough data from the accident we can publish an engineering report, and we can serve you as an expert witness in trial or deposition, should the need arise. If you are in need of services regarding accident reconstruction, Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc. will provide you with the best solution available. Please call us at 630-466-4040, or you may use the contact form along the right.