Accident Reconstruction Company

Accident Reconstruction Company

Accident Reconstruction CompanyIf you are in need of an accident reconstruction company, the experienced team of mechanical engineering experts at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., offer a diverse approach to reviewing physical and factual evidence in order to determine how and why an accident occurred.

Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., vehicle reconstruction experts work with automobile, truck and bus manufacturers, suppliers, rail carriers, transit system and fleet operators, and insurers to investigate and reconstruct vehicle accidents and crashes.

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Accident Reconstruction Determines How, Why

Our accident reconstruction experts and engineers work to determine the impact speed and direction of the vehicles involved, the time and distance relationships between the vehicles prior to the incident, as well as the impact severity to vehicle occupants or pedestrians.

Several reliable techniques of data collection, interpretation and analysis are used by the accident reconstruction experts at Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., including conservation of momentum, computer simulation, photogrammetry, as well as component or full scale crash testing. The accident scene is documented using laser scanning technology and total station equipment. Our storage facility is video monitored, ensuring the secure collection and storage of artifacts, wreckage and evidence collected from accidents.

Accident Reconstruction Company Tells the Story

Our accident reconstruction experts are able to tell the story of what happened in the crash, and if any possible laws or regulatory issues had been violated, including Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Department of Transportation, and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations.

Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc., is an accident reconstruction company which provides reconstruction simulation, vehicle crush and momentum analysis, “black box” download and interpretation and crash data recovery, commercial vehicle engine data recovery and download, commercial vehicle and trailer tire-related incidents, motorcycle accident reconstruction, product failure analysis, product liability assessment, vehicle handling and dynamic performance evaluation, vehicle fire investigation, road signs and signal performance investigation, and laser scanning and surveying for accident scene inspection documentation.

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