Vehicle Accident Investigation Expert Illinois

Vehicle Accident Investigation Expert Illinois

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With vehicle accident investigation experts in Illinois, Professional Analysis and Consulting has the skills and tools to find out what caused it, who was at fault, and if any equipment failed. Then, they can put what they found in a report called “expert testimony.” We use a variety of mechanical engineers to look at physical and fact-based evidence with math and physics to see if the story and what happened match up.

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Data and Signs 

When our experts look into vehicle accidents, they look for damage that matches the crash, run simulations or reconstructions, look at vehicle data downloaded from the CDR/EDM, and even do a product failure analysis to figure out if it was a problem with the equipment or user error.
The experts who are looking into the accident will also look at the scene to see if there were any road signs, if the road was wet if it was raining, if there were any signs of previous vehicle problems that weren’t caused by the accident, and more. We try to figure out what or who caused the accident, and then we tell a vehicle accident investigation expert in Illinois what we’ve found.

Based on what our experts who look into car accidents find, dangerous parts can be taken off the road. Our goal is also to help get dangerous drivers off the road if they have been caught speeding or breaking other traffic laws. Our experts who look into car accidents find evidence that is used in court cases and even trials. To prove what happened, our experts can laser scan, survey, and make 3D models of the accident scene.

Determinations and Reports

Even if the disaster is very bad, you still have to follow the rules. Let’s say a vehicle accident experts in Illinois can see how the accident turned out in person and take data, photos, scans, and reports. If so, you can trust the information even more.

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