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Photography, Video & Trial Exhibits

Dynamic visual experiences have been proven to increase audience comprehension by more than 80 percent. Information and concept retention through verbal delivery alone is only about 15 percent. Photographs and videos are often incorporated into trial exhibits. Our Inspire 1 UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System – drone) further assists in gathering precise information to later assist in reporting and at trial.

Photo Trial Exhibits

We have the capability and flexibility to respond to the client’s preferences regarding the most effective trial exhibits to reach the audience. We work with graphics specialists to develop an easily understood and technically accurate presentation for trial exhibits.

Animations are another type of exhibit. Photographs and measurements of a scene or machine serve as the starting point for construction of a digital solid model. The model can then be exercised to show movements from various points of view as well as to consider different scenarios. This technique is also valuable to illustrate the operation of internal components of a machine which may not be visible.

Trial Exhibits